What clients say...

Clients names have been changed but otherwise 

the testimonials are verbatim.


"I was a bit unsure about counselling at first but my sessions have helped me through a difficult time

 in my life and given me the tools needed to help me in the future". Sophie



"Counselling has been very helpful for me and I would recommend it to anyone. Guthrie has plenty of 

time and understanding to listen and help me with my issues". Scott

"Guthrie has been excellent in helping me find who I really am and to love myself once again". Billy

"Thank you Guthrie. The work we did together looking at the negative part of me was really useful

and now that part is no longer in control. I'm so much happier". Jennifer


"My anger was destroying my relationship with my girlfriend. Now I really understand myself and

why I was angry and now I'm in control." David

"We both really enjoyed our sessions with you. Things are going brilliantly now and we're trying for another baby :) we can't thank you enough." Dougie & Mags

"These sessions have been hugely beneficial. I felt flat and burdened before and feel much less so now. I have made changes in how I see and interpret events (especially negative ones). My work has improved and key relationships are better. Thanks Guthrie" John

"Therapy has been great for me. I have opened up - a first! I now have clarity about the way forward. Thank you." Laura

"The counselling has been a great help and made me stronger and a better person. A big thank you to Guthrie for his advice and for a top job." Stuart

"I was in a really bad place a few months ago. I thought I'd never escape from my depression and the crippling anxiety that went with it. Now I'm in control of it and can see a future for myself. I didn't really know what to expect from counselling but it really has changed the way I view myself and how I deal with life. I'm so glad I've done this."  Richard

"We really just needed a space to look at our relationship. Everyone, friends and family, were always happy to give advice and tell us what to do, but now we know we just needed a place to really look at our lives together and at ourselves as individuals. We're so glad we went to couples therapy, we're now so much better together as a couple now." Collette & Angus

"Guthrie is a very skilled counsellor. He genuinely listens with kindness and patience. His intelligent insights and questions helped me to recognise things in myself and find the perspective and direction I needed to overcome depression and anxiety and regain control in my life. During my block of sessions I truly felt his support and gentle guidance on the road back to a positive place. He’s given me the awareness and tools I need to deal with my issues. His impact on how I now process my inward thought and outlook are life changing, invaluable and very much appreciated.  Highly recommend going to see Guthrie if, like me, you need a helping hand in understanding who you are, how you react to things and in dealing with your life. Thank you." Hannah